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Russell Kendzior is a leading authority, educator and industry safety consultant to the manufacturing, insurance, and safety industries. Internationally recognized slip, trip, and fall expert and author, Mr. Kendzior specializes in slip, trip and fall cases and has represented both defense and plaintiff attorneys.

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National Floor Safety Institute


As the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), he is recognized worldwide as one of the leading safety experts specializing in slip, trip-and-fall prevention. As President of Traction Experts, Inc. Mr. Kendzior has consulted with numerous fortune 500 corporations and has been retained as an expert witness on more than 800 slip, trip, and fall lawsuits. He is experienced in the production and distribution of slip-and-fall prevention products including slip-resistant footwear, floor coverings, coatings, finishes and cleaning agents.

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Sought nationwide as a safety consultant, public speaker, and expert witness, Mr. Kendzior is the author of three best selling books on accident prevention entitled: “Slip and Fall Prevention Made Easy”, “Fall’s Aren’t Funny” and “Floored! Real-Life Stories from a Slip and Fall Expert Witness.” Mr. Kendzior has written a wide range of articles on the subject of floor safety and has made numerous media appearances.

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Our History

Traction Plus, Inc. introduced their first line of SlipShield® floor safety treatments and cleaners, TP-321 and TP-421. These state-of-the-art line of do-it-yourself products served as the foundation of today’s floor safety industry.


Traction Plus, Inc. introduced the industry’s first “High-Traction” floor finish. The same year, the company introduced a unique, patented, spring-activated wet floor sign called the “Safety Tent” and the SlipShield abrasive floor matting.


Traction Plus, Inc. introduced TP-3000 Bath Traction Treatment.


In conjunction with Wal-Mart Stores USA, Traction Plus, Inc., introduced the Traction Plus® TRED SAFE® line of slip-resistant footwear.


Traction Plus, Inc. established its consulting and Expert Witness division


Traction Plus-TRED SAFE footwear expanded into Wal-Mart Stores in Canada

In conjunction with the German manufacturer Elcon GmbH, Russ develops the first robotic walkway slip resistance test device known as the Universal Walkway Tester (UWT)


“Slip-and-Fall Prevention Made Easy” was published and soon became the best selling book on the subject of slip-and-fall prevention.


Traction Plus, Inc. spun off their consulting and Expert Witness division forming Traction Experts, Inc.

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