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Enter the herculean energies of Russell Kendzior to speak prevention and mitigation to this indifference and sometimes outright opposition to change for safety and the economic costs thereby avoided as well. He links knowledge to action to diffusion and is the guiding force behind pertinent safety standards.

-Ralph Nader, author of Unsafe at Any Speed

We retained Russ in a case against OSHA whereby he knew the Code of Federal Regulations better then they did! With Russ’ assistance our client prevailed.

–Patrick Miller, Sherman & Howard, Denver, CO

Russell’s professional resume shows his leadership in the safety profession. When OSHA begun revising its sub-part D. Walking and Working Surfaces standard, Russell was asked to provide input which was of great value in the regulatory process.

-Edwin G. Foulke, Former Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA

We retained Russ in a floor mat trip and fall case and after a long and difficult battle we were able to overturn a lower courts summary judgment at the state supreme court, which lead to a $3.95 million settlement.

-Scott Blumenshine, Meyer and Blumenshine, Chicago, IL

Russ is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate and focused expert witness I have had the pleasure to work with. A true professional.

-William K. Goldfarb, The Law Offices of William K. Goldfarb, Monroe, NC

Russ is the expert’s expert!

-Charles Dunkel, Shirley Mills, LLP, Houston, TX

Russ Kendzior’s trial presence is without a doubt one of the best we have seen of any expert witness we have hired.

-Terry Evans, Andereck, Evans, Widger, Lewis & Figg, LLC, Smithville, MO

Russ Kendzior is the Albert Einstein of the walkway safety industry.

-Benjamin Hall, Hall Law Firm,  Houston, TX

The first time I spoke to Russ about a potential case he talked me out of taking it! His frank and honest approach to case evaluation has lead me to use him on all of my slip-and-fall litigation matters.

-Wes Fowler, The Fowler Law Firm, PLLC, Memphis, TN

Fair and unbiased. He knows his area of expertise exceptionally well and makes a great testifying witness.

-William S. Lewis, Andereck, Evans, Widger, Johnson & Lewis, LLC, Smithville, MO

I represented a Plaintiff in a slip-and-fall case that a previous attorney had withdrawn from, after retaining Russ we went on to win a $4.3 million jury verdict. It was the largest verdict in Texas history for a slip and fall.

– John Bush, The Bush Law Firm, Dallas, TX

One of the best slip and fall experts I have ever used. A true professional! 

–Debra K. Cook, Cannon & Nelms, Anaheim, CA

Russ has the right combination of knowledge, experience and passion and knows the walkway safety industry better than anyone we have used in the past.

–Gary Farabough, Pasley, Farabough and Mouledoux, Ardmore, OK

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