Looking for A Respected Expert Witness for Your
Slip, Trip and Fall Case?

Internationally recognized slip, trip, and fall expert and author, Mr. Kendzior has been retained as an expert witness in more than 1,000 slip, trip and fall cases representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants. As the Founder and President of Traction Experts, Russell Kendzior has more than 28 years of experience in slip-and-fall accident prevention and applies his real-world experience to his work as an expert witness.

Unlike experts who rely on theoretical models, unrelated academic experience and inconclusive bodies of internet-based research, Russell Kendzior combines his educational background, practical, real-world experience and first-hand knowledge of current industry standards to render grounded, well-balanced and fair expert opinions.

He is a highly sought after expert witness, consultant and lecturer to a wide range of industries, companies and organizations impacted by slips, trips and falls. An updated case list is available upon request.


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5 Things Every Plaintiff Attorney Needs to Consider in a Slip, Trip, and Fall Lawsuit

Just because your client is hurt does not mean it was someone else’s fault! Russ Kendzior will guide you through the top five things to consider when assessing a slip, trip, or fall case.

5 things every lawyer need in a slip trip and fall lawsuit

5 Things Every Defense Attorney Needs to Consider in a Slip, Trip and Fall Lawsuit

The Devil is often in the details. Russ Kendzior divulges the five main points of those details to establish a solid defense for your slip, trip, and fall client.