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Slips, Trips, and Falls

The details matter – having an expert who understands the industry standards from a practical perspective is often a key determinate in the outcome of many cases.

Ramps and Floors

Surfaces of all materials and inclines can pose a potential hazard.

Trust the expert to evaluate your case!

Showers & Baths

Naturally showers and baths are exposed to wet and soapy conditions. Over time this can prove to be a dangerous combination.

Sidewalks & Curbs

Pedestrian walkways are no exception to the laws and regulations pertaining to Slip, Trip, and Fall prevention.

Author, Researcher, Instructor, Lecturer, Innovator

“An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgments simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore”

-Edward Debono


– 1990:

Traction Plus, Inc. introduced their first line of SlipShield® floor safety treatments and cleaners, TP-321 and TP-421. These state-of-the-art line of do-it-yourself products served as the foundation of today’s floor safety industry.

– 1994:

Traction Plus, Inc. introduced the industry’s first “High-Traction” floor finish. The same year, the company introduced a unique, patented, spring-activated wet floor sign called the “Safety Tent” and the SlipShield abrasive floor matting.

– 1995:

Traction Plus, Inc. introduced TP-3000 Bath Traction Treatment.

– 1996:

In conjunction with Wal-Mart Stores USA, Traction Plus, Inc., introduced the Traction Plus® TRED SAFE® line of slip-resistant footwear.

– 1997:

Traction Plus, Inc. established its consulting Expert Witness division.

– 1998:

Traction Plus-TRED SAFE footwear expanded into Wal-Mart Stores Canada

– 1999:

“Slip-and-Fall Prevention Made Easy” was published and soon became the best selling book on the subject of slip-and-fall prevention.

– 2008:

Traction Plus, Inc. spun off their consulting Expert Witness division forming Traction Experts, Inc.



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Recommended Expert Since 2003

  • We retained Russ in a floor mat trip and fall case and after a long and difficult battle we were able to overturn a lower courts summary judgment at the state supreme court, which lead to a $3.95 million settlement.
    -Meyer and Blumenshine (Chicago, IL)
  • Russ has the right combination of knowledge, experience and passion and knows the walkway safety industry better then anyone we have used in the past.
    -Pasley, Farabough and Mouldex (Ardmore, OK)
  • One of the best slip and fall experts I have ever used. A true professional!
    -Hugh Behan (Hollywood, FL)
  • I represented a Plaintiff in a slip-and-fall case that a previous attorney had withdrawn from, after retaining Russ we went on to win a $4.3 million jury verdict. It was the largest verdict in Texas history for a slip and fall.  
    -The Bush Law Firm (Dallas, TX)
  • Fair and unbiased. He knows his area of expertise exceptionally well and makes a great testifying witness.  
    -Andereck, Evans, Widger, Johnson & Lewis, LLC, (Smithville, MO)
  • The first time I spoke to Russ about a potential case he talked me out of taking it! His frank and honest approach to case evaluation has lead me to use him on all of my slip-and-fall litigation matters.
    -Fowler Law Firm, PLLC (Memphis, TN)
  • We retained Russ in a case against OSHA whereby he knew the Code of Federal Regulations better than they did! With Russ’ assistance our client prevailed.
    -Sherman & Howard (Denver, CO)

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