What is the Standard of Care for a Slip, Trip and Fall Lawsuit?

A Respected Expert Witness for Your Slip, Trip and Fall Case

Premises liability cases ultimately come down to a very simple question and that is: did the property owner fail to provide a reasonably safe walkway? Or, in other words, what would a reasonable property owner do to prevent a slip, trip, or fall event? However, it often times isn’t clear as to what constitutes a “reasonably safe” walkway. The standard of care is ultimately rooted in industry-adopted, consensus standards. Take the course to discover if that case is worth taking or if it’s the opportunity you’ve been missing.

This program will serve as a helpful guide for both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys who are involved in a slip, trip, and fall matter. It will define the standard of care as it relates to slip, trip, and fall lawsuits and in JUST 30 minutes will cover:

  • Nationally adopted industry consensus standards for walkways
  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s) including OSHA, and the ADA
  • International Building Code (IBC) requirements
  • National Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) requirements
  • Other voluntary standards (ANSI, ASTM)
  • Common work practices
  • Individual industry safety policies and procedures
  • Corporate training procedures
  • Incident Reporting Requirements

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