What is the Standard of Care for a Slip, Trip and Fall Lawsuit?

Slip, trip and fall cases can be difficult to win! However, a South Texas jury recently awarded a Plaintiff $19 million dollars for their trip and fall at a local grocery store. Are you prepared? Both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys need to have a clearer understanding of the standard of care associated with slip, trip and fall litigation. The course will cover the necessary elements associated with most slip, trip and fall cases which both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys will need to know when pursuing or defending their case.

Morning Session:

  • The slip, trip and fall accident cycle
  • Slip, trip and fall causes and contributing factors
  • When and how to test the floor’s slip-resistance.
  • What are the nationally-adopted, industry consensus standards defining the standard of care?
  • Important definitions and terminology related to slip, trip and fall standards
  • Entranceway floor matting: Do mats create more trips than they prevent slips?
  • Exterior walkways: Curbs, ramps, and parking lots
  • Hotel bathtub and shower safety requirements
  • Did the Plaintiff’s shoes contribute to their fall?

Afternoon Session:

  • Asking relevant deposition questions
  • What constitutes an open and obvious walkway hazard?
  • 5-things every Plaintiff attorney needs to know about slips, trips and falls.
  • 5-things every Defense attorney needs to know about slips, trips and falls.
  • Did the Defendant have policies and procedures related to slip, trip and fall prevention?
  • Do I need an expert witness?
  • How to employ and defend against the “reptile approach.”
  • Should I really consider taking this case?
  • Understanding and addressing jury bias in slips, trips and falls cases

The total length of the course is 8 hours with a one hour lunch provided and included in cost. The fee for the 1-day course is $995 per person. Those attorneys in the State of Texas will earn 8 (eight) CLE credit hours from the Texas Bar Association as this is a MCLE Accredited Continuing Legal Education Course.

Full-Day Course is $995

Please check back for future training dates.